The yarn-tension controlled take-up heads of STC Spinnzwirn are known worldwide. Over 50,000 winding take-up heads are running since 1991 with a wide variety of different materials.

STC Spinnzwirn focuses on the winding of cellulose-based yarn such as fine viscose, rayon or lyocell as well as special materials such as acrylic.

The WinTape is an automatic take-up head with a different concept. It is rotated by 90°, has only one chuck and offers two operation sides: thread handling at the front and bobbin handling at the back. With tube magazine, yarn end fixation and parking positions for full bobbins, the WinTape is the ideal partner for anyone who wants to have a fully automatic take-up - whether with a conveyor belt or a robot.

Technical details

Denier range (depending on material) (dtex): 300 to 3,000
Take-up speed ​​range (m/min): 150 to 800
Tube lengths (mm): 290, 330
Chuck diameter (mm): 82.5, 90
Bobbin diameter (mm): max. 320
Number of yarn ends per take-up head: 1

Max values cannot be combined