Our DD2000E and DD2000GTE offers the right solution for any application. Exceptional quality, perfect for high-speed and precision winding, ultimately ensuring high package density and excellent performance in downstream processes are core competences of the DD2000 series.

Main features of the STC Spinnzwirn´s twisting machines are modular design, meter counter, individual control and drive systems per position as well as central control system with “recipe” management and monitoring.

Technical details

Applications: Baler Twine
Sewing Yarn
Jute Replacement
Artificial Grass
Denier range (dtex): 2,200 to 20,000
supply bobbin (depending on material)
Spindle pot (mm): 318 and 350 mm
Spindle speed (U/m): 2,000 to 10,000
Turns per meter: 20 to 150
take-up speed range (depending on material) (m/min): 70 to 50
tube lengths (mm): 300 and 330
Chuck diameter (mm): 73, 90 and 94
Bobbin diameter (mm): max. 320

Max values cannot be combined

Texturing for Artificial Grass

Main features of texturing solution

  • combined with automatic winders
  • maximum flexibility for textured and flat yarn in one machine
  • low air and energy consumption
  • central electrical system with cooling
  • variety of nozzle inserts and nozzle needles
  • very even texturing of any denier and material
  • transport belt for final bobbins available.

Technical Details

Tape: fibrillated LLDPE and PP
Texturing feed yarn speed: up to 400 m/min

Max values cannot be combined