Our DD2000E and DD2000GTE are two-for-one twisting machines designed for standard grades of technical yarn production of PET, PP and PA. Certain applications require additional equipment such as twisting flyer or additional lubrication, which of course are available.

But also, specialties like Aramid or UHMWPE can be twisted at the DD2000E without reducing the properties of the materials.Special yarn guiding elements avoid damages of single filaments of these high-performance materials.

The twisted yarn is wound with a yarn-tension-controlled precision take-up head. In addition to precision winding, random winding is also available in order to meet all customer requirements.

Our twisting machines offer a high flexibility. The control of the twisting machine enables the arrangement of groups, running with different settings. Additionally, each position can be turned on and off.

Technical Details

Denier range (dtex): 500 to 16,000
supply bobbin (depending on material)
Spindle pot (mm): 275, 295, 318, 350
Spindle speed (U/m): 3,000 to 10,000
Twists per meter: 20 to 150
Winding (depending on material)
take-up speed range (m/min): 70 bis 500
tube lengths (mm): 300, 330
Chuck diameter (mm): 73, 90, 94
Bobbin diameter (mm): max. 320

Max values cannot be combined