Our goals and visions

We develop new products and business areas. And we embody cutting-edge technologies. These technologies as well as employees and partners are the success factors for achieving our corporate goals. Our visions are aligned with the interests and expectations of our partners. The following basic principles and goals will determine the strategy of our company until the year 2025.

We want to strengthen the confidence in us.

The surplus value of our developed technologies for our customers is always in the foreground. The competent support of their core processes as well as the increase of their company performance determines our work. That is why we develop products without restrictions and provide exemplary service. Because only with absolute customer orientation and satisfaction will we gain and increase trust.

We want to convince with quality.

We are firmly focused on the continuous development of customer-friendly solutions and environmentally friendly products. In doing so, we adhere to the high legal requirements and quality standards according to DIN ISO 9001. Because we live Total Quality Management, the fulfilment of the high standards for the environment, quality and safety.

We want to continue expanding.

Gaining further market share in Germany and abroad will consolidate and secure our future. We achieve global growth through successfully introduced technologies in attractive markets. We will develop these with and through customers and partners.

We want recognition.

As a global machine manufacturer, we depend on the appreciation of our customers. That's why we do everything we can to achieve a high level of recognition, both regionally and internationally.

We want to be the best.

We want to expand our technology and market leadership in the extrusion area for ribbon and monofilament systems. And we want to be among the top 3 suppliers in the world for high-speed spool heads and spinning components.

We want to be an attractive employer.

Our employees are our most important success factors. We take care of their professional and personal development and offer an attractive working environment. In this way, we will establish ourselves as the preferred company for new employees and applicants.

We want to be financially independent.

We aim for a turnover in the highly profitable area. And we will generate surpluses from our business activities in order to be able to bear interest in equity and invest in our own growth. This will secure financial independence.

We want to grow from the inside.

We focus on the needs and benefits of our customers. With new, needs-based technologies, we want to grow on our own and increase the value of our company.

Our values

Our values determine our identity. They are the basis for togetherness and a shared, successful future. It is important to us that every employee is accompanied by these values.

We assure quality.

Our products, processes and qualifications are constantly being optimized and streamlined. Instead, we do not rest on success, but use it as a driving force to do more and better. After all, we want to convince the assured quality of our work and thus, as a whole, as a company.

We are innovative.

We monitor the market and focus our research and development on it. As a system provider, we are the innovation leader. That is why we will carry out development projects quickly and systematically.

We value our employees.

Our employees are motivated, challenged and encouraged by us. We encourage them in their own responsibility. And we are open to their ideas, impulses or new solutions. Because we value our employees and support their commitment.

We are a team.

All employees are always met with respect and trust. We are a team that draws from a strong sense of community and works together towards success. Because only as a team we can move mountains.

We are cosmopolitan.

All people are welcome. Everyone has the right to preserve their culture, religion or beliefs. After all, we are an internationally active company that lives cosmopolitanism both externally and internally.

We show zero tolerance.

We do not tolerate discrimination and extremism. Employees and business partners must not be discriminated against, harassed or personally injured as a result of disability, gender or sexual identity. And we do not tolerate any aspirations that jeopardize the liberal, democratic constitution of the Federal Republic of Germany.

We are customer-oriented.

Our customers are at the centre of our thinking and acting. We are always there for you. We always reconsider all possibilities that help our customers and advance them. And we are guided by your wishes and feedback as well as internal evaluations. Because the successes of our customers make our company successful.

We are environmentally conscious.

Environmentally relevant laws and regulations are consistently adhered to. Environmental impact is best avoided by economic standards. In doing so, we strive to continuously improve our environmental performance. We also use this idea to our business partners. Because we want to consciously fulfil our social, ecological and social responsibility.