Our DD2000GTE offers the right twisting solution for artificial grass. Exceptional quality, perfect for precision winding, ultimately ensuring high package density and excellent performance in downstream processes are core competences of that machine.

Main features of the STC Spinnzwirn´s twisting machines are modular design, meter counter, individual control and drive systems per position as well as central control system with “recipe” management and monitoring.

Technical details

Applications: multi-end monofilament for Artificial Grass
Denier range (dtex): 6,000 up to 16,000
supply bobbin (depending on material)
Spindle pot (mm): 318 and 350 mm
Spindle speed (U/m): 2,000 up to 6,000
Turns per meter: 20 to 150
take-up speed range (depending on material) (m/min): 70 up to 250
tube lengths (mm): 300
Chuck diameter (mm): 73, 90 and 94
Bobbin diameter (mm): max. 320

Max values cannot be combined

Texturing / Spiral Wrapping for Artificial Grass

Main features of texturing solutions are available as

  • inline or offline version
  • lower air and energy consumption
  • equipped with automatic winders or
  • combined with spiral wrapping and automatic winder WinOro
  • transport belt for final bobbins available.

Spiral Wrapping solutions are available as an inline process what means

  • less waste
  • fewer operators and
  • no interim storage of the packages
  • equipped with automatic winder WinOro
  • transport belt for final bobbins available

Technical Details


Monofilament: from LLDPE, PP, PA6 and PET
Texturing feed yarn speed: up to 400 m/min

Spiral Wrapping

Monofilament: from LLDPE, PP, PA6 and PET
Spindle speed: up to 11,000 rpm
Wrapping yarn: PES-DTY
Number of spiral wraps: 30 up to 55 per meter
Take-up speed: 70 up to 350 m/min