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Carpet backing

For an economic and efficient production of primary and secondary backing tape yarn we have the right concept:

Extrusion -> Winding

Main features

  • PP tape yarn for primary backing warp and weft
  • PP tape yarn for secondary backing warp
  • low stretching for high quality tape yarn
  • High tenacity tape yarn
  • extremely low shrinkage
  • high output per machine
  • less personnel due to the specific layout of the WinTape


1. Slit film extrusion line


  • in different working widths
  • high production speed up to 400 m/min

2. Automatic winder


  • Fully automatic yarn transfer
  • Tube magazine for up to 4 empty tubes
  • Parking position for up to 2 full bobbins
  • metered bobbins = waste in beaming close to Zero
  • Ideally prepared for further automation, such as transport belt