WinTens | babyASW

BCF yarns are mainly produced on 2 or 3 cop machines. Many of these spinning lines have been working 24/7 for years. A key position is the high-speed winder. You can only get the highest possible price on the market with perfect bobbin.

Our high-speed winders for BCF – available for 2- or 3-yarn ends - are designed to be installed in both existing as well as new BCF spinning lines, regardless of the spinning lines supplier.

The take-up cradle is available with and without the lifting function. Definitely, it will support the work of the operators.

Technical details

Take-up speed range (m/min): 1,500 to 3,000
Chuck lengths (mm): 600, 900
Chuck diameter (mm): 73
Number of yarn ends per winder: 2 or 3
Max. bobbin diameter (mm): max. 300

Max values cannot be combined